Brise Soleil

Brise Soleil, or architectural sun-shading, typically projects from the sunniest facade of a building whereby large amounts of glass is present. This is to offer protection against overheating, often resulting in a 30% reduction in cooling load if used with correct ventilation.

A well designed and applied brise soleil solution is a natural way of maintaining a comfortable and energy efficient climate in any build.

Veranti  limited can incorporate brise soleil in to your architectural design specification, manufacture and install directly on to the façade, regardless of whether it is a curtain walling or window system.

With our qualified and experienced team and where energy efficiency and comfort is key, our brise soleil solution will ensure customer comfort is at the heart of the project.

Features & Options

    • Clean cut design
    • Sunlight in, heat gain out
    • Fixed or adjustable
    • Natural comfort

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